New Experience: Aromatherapy Blending Workshop

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It’s a new year and last week, encouraged by the ELDEST GRANDDAUGHTER, I ventured way out of my comfort zone to explore a new experience.


Over the years, the ELDEST GRANDDAUGHTER has blended and gifted me with different essential oils and sprays for relaxation, sleep, and to control my pain levels.  When she suggested going to a 3-hour Aromatherapy Blending Workshop, my immediate response was “sure sounds like a fun outing.”   Saying no to the grandchild that carries my name and shares my birthday has rarely happened.

The workshop was held at one of my favorite places to visit in Orlando,  The Harry P. Leu Botanical Gardens.  Just in case the class wasn’t a good fit for me, I took my IPad and camera.  The backup plan was to politely excuse myself, the Eldest Granddaughter would complete the workshop, and I would tour the gardens.

Well, the opposite happened.  The class peaked my interested and, with or without the Eldest Granddaughter, I plan to attend the next scheduled workout.

During class, I created a recipe and blended my first essential oils.





I left the workshop newly-educated and newly-converted.  I plan to dig deeper into creating and blending essential  oils for self-usage as well as gifts for friends and family.

After the workshop, I was able to take a quick walk around the gardens and captured a few photos.








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