Little Known Family History


When one of my two remaining maternal cousins visited in August, during our conversation, we realized how little we knew about the family’s history.

Later, this led to the three of us planning a first-time reunion of the Outlaw Family Clan for Thanksgiving 2016.

As the remaining three elders, we plan to piece together what we can by:

  • reviewing information recorded in the family bible;
  • identifying photos in the family album; and
  • sharing memories and old photos.

Our goal is to capture and preserve as much family history as possible to pass down to future generations.

On a personal level, the eldest of the elders on both my paternal and maternal sides, I will continue to share my life experiences, via this blog.  Perhaps, one day, future generations will use what I write to piece together information for their family reunion.






5 thoughts on “Little Known Family History

  1. Thank you. Somewhere along the way, in the busyness of living and surviving, those that came before us failed to share memories. My cousins and I now realize we followed in their footsteps. Hopefully, we can leave future generations with more.

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  2. I am a family history (dare I say) expert (ish) if I can help let me know. You might find this site useful It is free and they have researcher who might be able to help too. And, no the church won’t come knocking at your door 🙂


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