Self-Not Caring

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Individually, we can all make a difference by informing, educating and advocating. Kudos to this blogger for having courage to express her views despite being faced with negative push backs.

My Friday Blog

Hello dear reader(s)!

I consider myself to be an empathetic, thinking person.  I’ve tried to reason with the purveyors of hate.  I’ve tried to get people to see the world from a different perspective.  I’ve tried to get people to understand what it must be like for those who have been marginalized and have suffered injustices and inhumane treatment.  From the poor, to the mentally ill, to the physically but not visibly ill, to other races, nationalities, genders, gender identities, religions, and sexuality…I’ve tried very hard to just get people to put themselves in another’s shoes.

And I think I’ve made some valid points.

But I continue to run into two problems.

  1. Their hatred is so ingrained, that they will never accept the humanity of different people.  They are superior in their mind, and that is that.
  2. They know, they agree, but they will not get involved.

The first group…

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