Why I Blog


In my last post, “Blog, Why” I shared with you:

  • a few negative comments from non-bloggers who expressed their beliefs about why people blog;
  • my inability to respond openly and honestly when asked by friends and family, “Why Do You Blog.” and
  • why I was taking time off from blogging to go within and explore “Why I Blog”.


When I stepped away from blogging and travelled inward to find words that authentically expressed “Why I Blog,” I came up with a number of reasons and these are just a few:

      • I blog for Self-Expression – I silenced my voice many, many years ago and readily accepted the role of “listener”. But in this last season of life, I wanted to share my experiences, opinions, and rants. I needed a platform to “speak up,“speak clear, and “speak out. ” And, I found it . My voice gets stronger every day on Blogosphere as well as when I communicate with people face-to-face.
      • I blog for Self-Care – Ten years ago, it dawned on me that I have a paternal family Alzheimer’s and Dementia history. Of my three paternal aunts, two lived into their seventies, both were diagnosed with the conditions  and, the third died in her forties. My only two paternal female cousins who both lived past the age of sixty were diagnosed as well. Blogging is one of the things that I do to exercise my brain. And, staying mentally alert is especially important given my age, seventy-two, and family history.
      • I blog for Self-Education I communicate with Bloggers around the world. Through these Blogs, my life opens up to new things, places, cultures and lifestyles.  Whenever, I go to my Reader and/or visit a Blog, I can expect to learn something new.
      • I blog for Self-Awareness “Living in the Present Moment,” Stillness, and “Quiet” did not play a role in my life until I entered Blogosphere a little over two years ago. This is when yoga, meditation and mindfulness entered my space. Though, still a work-in-progress, through these practices, I now do a better job of understanding who I am and how I relate to what happens in my life both the positive and the negative.
      • I blog for Self-Love” – Blogging for me is very nurturing; and, I am worthy of doing what I enjoy and all that brings tranquility and happiness into my space.

This is my last blog post until Monday, April 27, I am taking a break to spend seven fun-filled days with my two beautiful granddaughters who will be visiting us during their spring break.

Chelsea, 23-Years-Old

Chelsea Yvonne, 23-Years-Old

photo 2

Ava Nicole, 6-Years-Old

After the granddaughters leave, Hubby and I are taking several mini vacations to celebrate our 55th Wedding Anniversary.



photo - Version 2

22 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. Thank you for sharing. You are a beautiful lady and I look forward to reading your blogs. I have learned a lot from you. Congratulations on 55 years. Allan and I will celebrate 50 years in December. Have a lot of fun and enjoy those beautiful granddaughters.


  2. Those are some powerful reasons for blogging. I endorse them.

    Your granddaughters are lovely. Have a wonderful time with them, and enjoy your vacay. Happy 55th! Wishing you both many more years of love and togetherness.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 55 years! Wow! Hope you both have a fun on your mini vacations and enjoy spending time with your beautiful granddaughters. Keep blogging, I like reading your thoughts… and your photos. How great is it that we live in the time of the Internet!


  4. Happy 55th Wedding Anniversary to you and Mr. ‘Guy’. More years of love, friendship, companionship, new experiences and all that makes the heart glad. Hugs to you <3.


  5. You give powerful reasons to blog. I think you express yourself well in your posts and pictures. I appreciate the thoughtful comments you make on my blog. Go for it !!! Keep on exploring the unique person you are. I admire your courage. Have a fabulous time with your grandchildren and celebrating your 55th Wedding anniversary with your husband. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I hope to catch up with your and others blogs soon. I am dropping in now because I wanted to make sure you know that Sreejit is back in the blogging world. He is also starting Dungeon Prompts again. The first one came up today. He is also starting a new weekly feature on Sunday. You probably already know these things but I wanted to make sure!.


  7. You have wrote some wonderful honest reasons for blogging , I agree with each one of them and wish you a most wonderful time celebrating your anniversary . Blessings to you both. and lots of happy days. Kathy.


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