Blogging, Why?



After 2+ years of blogging, am I really a Blogger?  Maybe not because I still have difficulty in coming up with a good answer when a non-blogger asks, “Why Do You Blog?

I pause for a couple of minutes, process the question, and then try to think of an answer that will put me in good favor with the non-blogger.

Low-self esteem and a need to seek the approval of the non-blogger is what I must learn to overcome.  I have to Let Go of Ego before I can fully embrace the title of Blogger.

I never asked those who posed the question, “Why Do You Blog” what they thought of blogging.  However, I did pose the question to to see what non-bloggers thought of bloggers and found the following negative comments:

  • “They don’t have an outside life and can’t socialize in real life, so they are trying to socialize on the internet.”
  • “Why do people blog if they’re not going to be read? Nobody reads or comments on them.”
  • “Bloggers think others care about their lives”
  • “People wanna be popular and some want to get money.”
  • “People who blog like to tell people about there life -AKA attention seekers.”
  • “So that some people can ask bulls…. questions and others can answer?
  • “Bloggers think that others care about their life.”
  • “Boredom.”
  • “I mean personal blog. They’ll write a new post a few times a week, every day, or even a couple of times a day about themselves but the topics are always mundane.”
  • “Simple, for some reason these people seem to think they have something useful to say.  Unfortunately what they post is nothing more than mindless drivel which does nothing more than highlight their sad little existences.”
  • “Simply because they want to, and probably do not have much of a life,”
  • “I understand journaling but why would you make it public?”
  • “Is it because they have a HUGE need for attention and to let others know they exist?”
  • “Because people are narcissistic and honestly think other people are interested in hearing about what they did during the day.”
  • “They want to feel that someone is interested in hearing about their lives. It all goes back to being a little kid and jumping up and down screaming, ‘Hey look at me! LOOK AT ME! Are you looking ?? LOOK!!!”
  • “What makes people expose their thoughts in online diaries.”  Why the heck would you want people to read your diary.”

There were some positive comments. However, I didn’t expect to see the number and severity of the negative comments.

Is it possible that the people, including family members, who asked me over the past two years, “Why Do You Blog”, have views similar to one or more of the above non-bloggers?  

I no longer wish to struggle with answering the question, “Why Do You Blog”; so I will take time in the coming week to BE STILL, LOOK WITHIN and WRITE A POST about WHY I BLOG.  


15 thoughts on “Blogging, Why?

  1. Personally, I learn a lot from bloggers, including you!
    If I want to be informed about a particular topic, bloggers are the most honest in sharing their expeiences of it.

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  2. The main idea for blogging is “community”. Blog is the very great proof of “laws of attractions” The people with the the similar ideas and preference will come to each other thought sharing ideas. : ) Awesome, isn’t it? ; )

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  3. I enjoy your blogs. You share your thoughts and feelings about what is happening. You share things from the past that others can learn from. It lets me stay connected to a person I admire and care about. It teaches me to think about others and not just self. This is why I read your blog.


  4. If I remember correctly, you had just come through a few very harrowing passages in your life all occurring at the same time. You had a need to stay positive and push your way through those issues in order to go on. Eventually we get to the point where we realize that the best way to avoid feeling sorry for ourselves is to try to help other people who might be going through some of the same problems.

    You had the courage to “put yourself out there”, to reach out. You started with just a few people to share your blogs with, and look at you now. No doubt you have helped others and through word of mouth, or word of blog, you are increasing the number of people who find what you have to offer important to them.

    You have valued the things you have learned from your blogging buddies and continue to search for more information in order to grow as a person. I really respect you for that and am proud to have you as a friend.


  5. I agree blogging is a good way to learn and share information and be part of a community…. And who cares what non-bloggers think? I bet the ones who said negative things, check their social media umpteen times a day … now THAT’S boring! Bloggers helped me recover from cancer by sharing their success stories and anecdotes about how to get better. Keep blogging and the next time someone asks you why you blog, say “because I enjoy it.”


    • I so appreciate your comments and the advice. I blog because I ENJOY IT — short and to the point. TWriting and sharing as well as reading and learning is exercise for this 72-year-old’s mind.


  6. What! SeasonedSistah2, I can’t believe all the negative comments I read about what people think about why others blog. Funny though. But like you know, I love reading what you write, don’t stop blogging even if its just for me.


      • I’m glad you are rising above all these negativity. By the way, life is fraught with so many negatives.
        In-between, reading comments from others that appreciate blogging and good articles I’m delighted! Hugs to you.


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