Try It!


Thanks to Beverly of for sharing this post. Since I began practicing meditation and mindfulness, my Christian values have been questioned by some. My response is always no. But, this post gives me better options.

My Wonky Life

Sorry been a little quiet for a few days. Been thinking!. Anyone who knows me personally will know that me ‘thinking’ usually means some deep thought is emerging and needs time to grow and become, it is still becoming, but this is where it has got to.

This is how it began –

Someone on the Fibromyalgia forum was asking what else could they do to help them sleep, as they had tried every pill offered and still couldn’t sleep. So i suggested evening relaxation and meditation and that i have been teaching it on my blog. The person then came to my blog and did some reading and came back with ‘i don’t do all that spiritual stuff (no offence and no offence taken) but i am going to a meditation class tomorrow’. And it got me wondering.

My spiritual stuff tend to be like gentle waves on…

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4 thoughts on “Try It!

  1. Yvonne, I am very sorry that you are getting negative feedback regarding mindfulness! In addition to the eastern practice being compatible with Christianity, Christianity has a long history of meditation as a spiritual practice.


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