11 thoughts on “Photography 101, Day Three: Bliss

    • Taking both courses with an added unexpected three day trip to the midwest to attend a funeral has been a little taxing. Caught up this weekend only to get behind today. But, better late than never. I enjoy both courses and love all that you continue to share.


      • I remember when you felt overwhelmed taking one course, but stuck with it. And now you are doing two!!!! I love how you push yourself to do things and how they end up enriching your life.

        I really like your new theme. Did you decided to keep it? I think I remember reading that you wanted to switch back to the original one.


      • The blogging and photography courses are a little behind because of an out-of-town trip. Hubby and I had to attend a funeral in Ohio and everything stopped of a week.

        I wanted to switch back, but didn’t know how. The theme was designed by someone I found on the blog. She’s no longer blogging and I am lost on what to do. The new theme is looking better everyday. In fact, I am loving it.


      • I love your new theme too!

        Same thing happened to me actually. I had no idea I was publishing the new theme when I pressed the activate button. I thought I was testing it out. But as it turned out I loved it. I figure it goes into the the category of “There are no accidents!”


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