Photography 101, Day 2: Street Scene


Today’s Assignment

“Capture an establishing shot of a street scene in your neighborhood — or someplace new.

On this assignment date, Hubby and I were delayed at O’Hare Airport in Chicago for more than ten hours waiting for a connecting flight to Orlando.

This photo was “someplace new” for me.  While, I enjoyed talking with Hubby, people watching and shooting photos on my iPhone, I was happy to end my stay at this overwhelmingly large and beautiful airport.

photo 1

O’Hare Field Airport, Chicago. Illinois 11/04/2014

6 thoughts on “Photography 101, Day 2: Street Scene

  1. I bet you are happy to be home!!!

    ( If you include photo101-all one word- in the tag list for each of your Photography 101 posts, the other students will be able to find it.)


    • In 1960, I flew out of O’Hare when it was still under construction. For the past 30 year, when traveling I always tried to avoid O’Hare because of its size. But, we had no option on this trip; and I was surprise the airport is more like a grand shopping mall. And, I love window shopping.


  2. I’ve been to O’Hare a couple of times…I’ve been to Atlanta airport too, that airport is so big..or maybe it was O’Hare, but one of these airports was so big I thought we would never reach the terminal to catch the plane, I don’ fly anymore, I don’t think I want to fly anymore.


    • For the past thirty years, we avoided going through the Chicago Airport too many people and too, too large. But, a death in the family necessitated getting to our destination as quickly as possible and we were left with no other option but Chicago. Scheduled on a flight to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving — but booked a direct one.


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