The Death of A Friend



On Tuesday, I had cataract surgery; and, by choice, I spent all day Wednesday, in my bedroom, resting, relaxing and recovering.  Around 6:00 p.m., I heard the doorbell, which was unusual as we rarely have unexpected visitors.  A short time later Hubby said, “Yvonne can you come out for a minute Terri is here.”

I knew something was wrong.  Terri is our next door neighbor; and, I know her only as my friend, Wanda’s, roommate.  I entered the living room with a heavy heart and learned my friendmy next door neighbor and my breast cancer sister, who fought the battle for many years, had lost the fight six minutes earlier.

I am sad, but ever so grateful that Wanda was within my space for almost five years.  During that time our relationship developed into a true friendship.  Despite the differences, we opened our lives up to receive, accept and trust each other.

Ten days before her death, I felt blessed to act as her caregiver for five hours.  During the visit, we talked continuously about any and everything.  I knew it was probably our last conversation; and, I am certain she felt this as well.

I write this post to:

  • address the sadness of losing Wanda, my friend;
  • accept Wanda’s death understanding all things happen in accordance with God’s Plan; and
  • embrace the memory of Wanda’s friendship.

As I move beyond the sadness, I know that:

“Our earthly loss is always a heavenly gain.  Although, our hearts hurt and mourn in humanly pain.  The fact still remains the same.  That Heaven has gained more Love to sprinkle down from above.”  (Antonio Talbert)

Sprinkle Down, Wanda.

21 thoughts on “The Death of A Friend

    • Thank you, Cebby. This was a little unnerving. In December, my next door neighbor died in Wisconsin and less than a year later my Florida neighbor. Both to cancer — is there a cure in the future?


  1. I’m sad for your loss..I remember you talking about Wanda and how your friendship
    developed in spite of your differences That’s a testiment to the true character of both of you.
    Sending love your way


    • Thank you, Jane. It’s been a bit unnerving — to lose my next door neighbor in Milwaukee last December and less than a year later my neighbor in Florida — both to the dreaded, non-curable disease cancer. Why can’t we find a cure?


  2. Sending healing hugs to you Yvonne as I know how hard it is to lose a friend to the disease that we have both endured. It scares, it saddens and it breaks our hearts. But I love the image of more love being sprinkled down from above. May Wanda rest in peace and may you find peace as well. ♥ Such a beautiful tribute to both of you and your special friendship. xo


    • Thank you so much. Breast Cancer invades our space far too often — it’s attacking young, middle, and older women in an episodic fashion. When I moved here, almost five years ago, Wanda pointed out that women with breast cancer lived in five of the eight neighboring houses.

      One passed away the year prior to my moving;
      One moved two years ago;
      Wanda passed away last week; and
      Today, two of us remain in our homes.

      I continue to pray for a cure. But, a fight may be in order. I am sick and tired of this disease, with no cure, snuffing out the lives of women.


      • I understand having been diagnosed myself at age 34. It is heartwrenching and scary. We just have to keep our faith and keep doing all that we can to stay healthy, positive and happy. To allow love to shine through us and to help others. ♥


  3. I’m saddened by your loss and pain. Yet in the midst of it, I’m glad with the way you are handling it…I love this piece though written for a sad reason. Words fail me Yvonne. Grief is one emotion I really don’t know how or what to say, I just sit with you and hug. But then we are far apart.

    May God’s love envelope your heart with a peace beyond human understanding, may He cause you to see the beauty in all He does or allows to happen. And may the love you feel bring a healing so true to you.

    HUGS! HUGS!! HUGS!!!


  4. I love the quotes you have used in this wonderful tribute to your friend Wanda. They are a gift to anyone who reads this post. And you have expressed your sadness and frustration with the lack of a cure for cancer so well. I am really sorry you have lost your friend.


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