Grateful to Karuna: As I Journey to Live, Learn and Let Go



Almost two years ago, I created this blog to voice my opinion and share my life experiences.  And, this I have done.

However, in the course of following other blogs, over this two-year period, I read about their opinions and life experiences of other bloggers.

And, through the world of blogosphere, I have become wiser and more understanding of the people, places and things that exist outside of my limited environment.

One of the bloggers that I have connected with, in a special way, is Karuna over at Living, Learning and Letting Go.  Our lives are different in so many ways:

  • She is white; and, I am Black.
  • She is divorced; and, I have been married for 55 years.
  • She lives in the northwest; and, I live in the southeast.
  • She follows Amma (one of India’s foremost spiritual leaders); and, I am a baptized Baptist and attend on-line church services at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.
  • She is a vegetarian, and, I eat meat.
  • She is a practicing psychotherapist, and, I am retired.

Despite these differences, Karuna’s blog resonated with me from the beginning.  Her posts opened up my space to explore and receive the “new and different;” and; I am confident that going outside my comfort zone is a part of the journey, in this season of my life, to Live, Learn and Let Go.

Right, now I am reading Karuna’s book “Getting to Joy:  A Western Householder’s Spiritual Journey Amritanandarmayi.”  This book as well as Karuna’s blog:

  • Motivated me to go outside of my comfort zone;
  • Exposed me to a different spiritual practice;
  • Educated me on recycling and climate change issues;
  • Introduced me to Ashrams in India; and
  • Inspired me through her writings, musical lyrics, and beautiful photographs.

I am grateful to Karuna for bringing something “new and different” into my life.

When I Live, I Learn — and, even if, I Let Go — I believe what enters my space remains.



9 thoughts on “Grateful to Karuna: As I Journey to Live, Learn and Let Go

  1. Thanks so much for your beautiful words. I love how receptive you’ve been to ways that are so different from your own. You definitely model living, learning and letting go! I really appreciate our blogging friendship.


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