My Healing Container Garden


A gardener, I am not.  But, when I retired to Florida more than four years ago, I decided our lanai was too cold and sterile.  So to add life, I purchased a few plants to bring color and life into this space.

Since that time, the container garden has gotten bigger and bigger.  Daily, I retreat to My Healing Garden to meditate, pray, and be still.

My Healing Garden Photos










32 thoughts on “My Healing Container Garden

    • Both my container garden and the refurbishing lawn furniture project took me out-of-my-comfort. They are only two,of the many of the other new things I have undertaken since retiring four years ago. I have chosen to live this season of life to its fullest. And, I am having a great time. Thank you for your comment.


      • Social Security is a good thing. I continue working full time for several years after I received my Social Security. At that time, my plan was to continue working in our family-owned business until — forever. But a serious life-threatening illness in 2010, changed everything. Hubby and I decided there had to be more to life than work and the annual vacation get-away. We retired and relocated to Florida. Everyday, I express gratitude for making this decision. Now, able to focus on me and what brings happiness into my space for the first time. My healing garden is one of my happiness spaces.

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  1. dear Yvonne, what a beautiful space, and what a wonderful idea! the photos are lovely – I will come back to view them over and over as I create my own healing garden. thank you so much for sharing! much love to you, Karen


  2. You say you’re not a gardener, but you obviously have a gift! What a beautiful and relaxing area to spend quiet time. We should all be so fortunate!


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