10 Tips for Better Air Travel with Fibromyalgia



Embarking on traveling by air to gather with family for the third time in six weeks. Will certainly incorporate some of the points shared in this post. Hopefully, this trip will be less stressful than the first two.

Originally posted on The Fibromyalgia Thriver's Guide:

From my recent trip to visit my mom, I want to share a few things I learned about how to better manage traveling by plane with fibromyalgia.

My mom and I live about 500 miles apart so I flew to visit her.


Yes, alone.

I planned the trip for several weeks.  I weighed my options and made my decisions based on my personal worst-case and even best-case scenarios.

Now I think it is important to let you know going to see my mom is probably not like going to see your mom.  My mother is also disabled and suffers from several mental illnesses so it is not just my own health I have to consider but hers as well.

So my Step One: Rent a car!!!  But for you this might mean decide if you need a rental.

Where mom doesn’t own a car and where she can decompensate mentally at a rapid rate…

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6 thoughts on “10 Tips for Better Air Travel with Fibromyalgia

  1. I can only begin to imagine the discomfort you and others with Fibromyalgia suffer with. The information contained in this reblogged post is excellent! As always, I’m looking forward to your future post – should you choose to write about implementing some of those suggestions. ;)


      • Have a safe trip! Enjoy your vacation. My family and I will be traveling next week as well. We are taking a road trip to visit family while my husband has two weeks off from work. We will be driving from Texas, to Florida, to Atlanta, to Pennsylvania, and then New Jersey. I’m tired just thinking about it… LOL! My arthritic knee is like, “Are you SERIOUS?”


  2. Safe travels for you and your family, as well. Leaving Hubby home for one week to meet up with daughters for our annual mother-daughter vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. Normally, hubby connects with our son in Wisconsin, but after two mini-visits there in July, he said, “i’m Wisconsined up.”

    Make sure to stop periodically and stretch that knee. Enjoy. I will try to get in one last post before leaving Thursday. If not, will return to blogosphere posting in mid-August, But, definitely taking my IPad to stay connected with my blogging friends.


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