Staying True to My Purpose as a Blogger


Yesterday, I completed the assignment for my Writing 101 class, which was to “Go to a local cafe, park, or public place and report on what you see.  Get detailed and leave no nuance behind.”

After spending an unbelievable amount of time writing, what I think, was an adverb-free post, I pushed the publish button. Then, I received this comment from a very loyal and supportive follower:

“These writing assignments are good, but I miss

the blogs that you post —

just because you just want to share

an experience with us that is

meaningful to you.”

I signed up for the Writing 101 Class to improve my writing skills.  But, this follower’s comment stayed on my mind.


This class would improve my skills as a writer; but, was becoming a better writer high on the list of my blogging priorities?  The answer was, no.

A statement in a post that I published on April 13, 2014 confirms this:

“I am neither a writer nor an author, but I wish to blog about my life.”  

The class took time away from my true purpose as a blogger, which was to share my life experiences with those who might have an interest in the past, present, and future thoughts of an African-American female living in this season of her life.

Even before writing my first blogpost on January 13, 2013, I spent months looking for just the right words to express why I chose to create a blog.  I came up with this:

“During this last season of my life, I am going on a journey to define ME.  Opening up and going outside my comfort zone to redefine my life.  Exploring and pursuing new interests that will lead to personal happiness, serenity, and tranquility,”

I plan to audit the on-line daily writing assignments as well as review the recommended readings; and, I may even write a post.  But, I must stay true to my purpose for blogging.

Thank you to The Librarian, a loyal follower, supporter, and most of all, a close friend.  You saw me heading down a path, which you knew was taking me away from my planned my journey.

Me and The Librarian - Cocoa Beach, May 2014

Me and The Librarian – Cocoa Beach, May 2014

27 thoughts on “Staying True to My Purpose as a Blogger

  1. I’m glad that you want to stay true to your purpose as a blogger and that you have a friend who tells you what she thinks!

    I’m also happy you are going to continue to monitor the class assignments. I hope with each one you will see if there is a way for you to learn the new skill and honor your purpose as a blogger. I have found I have been able to accomplish both goals more frequently than I had thought possible.

    Remember also that they said it is fine to practice the writing skills and not post the results. (But that would take time away from your normal blogging so may not be a consideration.) I had thought I would take that option a lot, but have generally found a way to do the assignments that supported my blog.

    And last, remember the class is half over! 🙂

    I will look forward to reading your future posts regardless!


    • I responded to this in a later comment of yours. But, happy to report I am back in. Just finished Lesson 9 today and plan on tackling 10 early tomorrow morning. Now, I am back on track. Will continue to set aside time for my weekly blog, pace myself, and not get frustrated with the assignments in Writing 101. At, least I’ll try not to. Thank you for following my blog.


      • I didn’t see your other comment so I’m glad you wrote again! And I’m very happy you are back in!

        I have responded to almost every Writing 101 by saying or thinking “I can’t do this” and minutes later an idea comes!

        Having the weekend assignment-free has given me a chance to write other things so I’m glad they have that structure. I look forward to reading what you wrote for lesson 9.

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  2. I like the assignments, too, and so do a lot of my readers, but I am also blogging throughout and still posting things I like or find interesting. It isn’t easy to have a balance sometimes so do both: blog *and* publish the writing assignments. I love to read *everything* from my favorite fellow bloggers, and you are one of them.


    • For the most part, I have enjoyed the Writing 101 Classes. But, finishing u[ Lesson 8, I realized it was taking time away from my regular blog. So, I decided to give up the writing class. Immediate relief, and then I read Assignment 9 and felt the urge to “open up” and “create a fantasy story, something that is very difficult for me. So, I will continue the class, pace myself, write my regular weekly blog, and let things happen. Feel good about Lesson 9, just writing it made me feel better.


    • Thank you for this comment. I am sorry it was overlooked. I published the final Writing 101 Assignment today. Whoopee, though a challenge, I did it. Also, signed up for Writing 201 scheduled to begin August 1. Look forward to honing my skills in proofreading, editing, etc. Did you sign up?


  3. I do a lot of writing for my job. One of the things I like about blogging is that I am free to write what I want to write. Blogging isn’t work, it’s interesting and lightens my days. I applaud you for following your own desires.


    • I decided to continue with the Writing 101 class. Because it is difficult for me to give up and walk away. However, my weekly “purpose” blog is the top priority. I may not complete the writing class within the allotted time or write the post as directed, but I will finish. Take care of kittens.


  4. I definitely understand what you mean, Sistah – and like the others, I applaud you for making the decision that’s best for you. For me, taking into consideration that I am fairly new to the blogging scene, I feel it couldn’t hurt to dedicate 20 days to this course and then get back to business “full-time” after.

    I am enjoying the course, the prompts, and the interaction with wonderful fellow bloggers such as yourself. I look forward to everything you have to say – whether for the course or for your purpose.

    Follow your heart always. ❤

    ~ Angela


    • Thank you, Angela. I decided to stick with the Writing 101 Class, because I have never been good at quitting anything. I may not complete the assignments on time, but I will complete them. Thank you for your supportive comments. Traveled to Wisconsin to attend our youngest grandson’s eighth grade graduation, so I am a little bit behind on writing comments. But, I “heard you” about the chitterlings and hog maws. My comments on the way.

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  5. I have quietly had the same concerns about my own journey here. I’m not a writer, or a blogger really, but there have been things that I have wanted to share. I always seem to struggle with finding a right balance between wanting to do every writing prompt to try and over prove my worth and contribution or writing just to meet a deadline. I really appreciate your post and input, it was an important thought to consider.


  6. As far as Writing 101, I decided to continue. Mainly, because I have a problem with quitting anything. I may not finish every assignment, every day, but I am determine to finish. And, I may not write every post the right way, but I will try. Enjoy following your blog. And, so happy to connect with you in blogosphere.


  7. As a new blogger I connect with your reason for being here – to tell your story. I signed up for Writing 101because it gave structure to my writing. I had an idea of what I’d write about on my new blog so I was surprised when the 101 daily assignments pulled things out of me I did not know were there. And then even more surprised when poetry popped out. I finished the twenty assignments. Now without pressure I’m even more into writing. With more time to just live every day I find more to write about. I don’t know where this is leading me but I trust the process. Very best thoughts and wishes to you in your blogging.


    • Though writing 101 took me out of my comfort-zone, I am grateful that it opened new doors. One was finding your blog. I, too, have roots in Mississippi. My grandparents lived in the Mississippi Delta and, as a child, I visited them every summer. During those summer visits, I met my first boyfriend, married him, and we celebrated our 54th Wedding Anniversary this past April. In future posts, I will write about some of my childhood Mississippi memories.


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