Weekly Wishes #5




Week #4

I had every intention of fulfilling My Wishes to: 

  • Exercise in the Pool
  • Learn About my New Digital Camera
  • Prepare a Healthy Meal from a Recipe

But, I did’nt! 

Fulfilled A Different Wish

I opened up, reached out and embraced a new opportunity.

I participated in the Week-Long Commentathon Event hosted by Blogelina.

The prospect of introducing new readers to SeasonedSistahs2 was both exciting and challenging.

I submitted my Weekly Wishes #3 post for comments.

The number of bloggers who commented was surprising.  Within a week, SeasonedSistahs2 connected with over 50+ new blog sites.

But, after commenting on several posts, I wanted to know more about the bloggers who commented.   Not only did I read the assigned Commenthaton posts; I read About Pages and other Posts that tweaked my interests on:

Young Children

Discussions on Race

Homemaking Tips

  • More Than MundaneMy 10 Essentials for A Homemade Home,” September 9, 2013

Beauty and Health


  • Life’s A Lesson “10 Places for Help So That Elderly Can Live In Their Home and Still be Safe,” September 8, 2013

A Forgotten “Wish”

Until Blogelina’s Commenthaton, I had forgotten the Wish made in my very first post, “My Final Season:  How I Choose to Live It” on January 12, 2012 where I stated:

So many things I want to do.

Yet, sometimes I feel there is so little time.

As a beginning I want to create

a blog as a connection to the diverse

range of people in blogosphere.

Consumed with writing a blog to express my views these past months; I totally neglected to follow through on My Initial Blog Wish … “to create a blog as a connection.”   

Weekly Wishes #5


Yes I am confident, this will be the week  for me:

  • Exercise in the Pool
  • Learn About my New Digital Camera
  • Prepare a Healthy Meal from a Recipe

Also, I Wish to make blog connections with survivors of:

A survivor of both these conditions, I recognize how important it is for ME to stay informed, involved, and connected with these communities – on-line and off-line.


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