Weekly Wishes #4



There will be times when our  “wishes” will not “come true.”  Though, I wished for things to happen, I “failed” to even “try.”  Of the five (5) Wishes, I planned last week; I was able to fulfill two (2):

Wish #1 – Perform Small Acts of Kindness

As I sit in front of my laptop with hands resting on chin, I am trying to remember how many times last week did I Perform an Act of Kindness?  It took a little time for the “senior moment” to pass, but I finally remembered signing an on-line petition before breakfast.

The petition was requesting two pharmaceutical companies to release the drug PD-1, now in clinical trials, to treat cancer patients.   The cancer patient in this particular instance is a 40-year-old husband, father of three, diagnosed  with Stage 4 cancer.  Given six months to live, this “wonder drug” could possibly save his life.

After signing the petition, I forwarded it to my e-mail friends and posted on Facebook page.  I am praying daily for this young man and his family.

When I signed the petition, I did not view it as a “Small Act of Kindness,” in relation to my Weekly WishesI just signed because it was the right thing to do.  Empathy, compassion, and support for those in need “happen naturally” without most of us even realizing it.

Wish #5 – Read Daily Passages from “Simple Abundance:  A Daybook of Comfort and Joy,” by Sarah Ban Breathnach

Immediately following my 5:00 a.m. “One-Hour Quiet Time,” I would read a daily essay from this book.  The following snippets resonated with me:

Monday, September 9The Courage to Answer the Call

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face . . . . You must do the thing you cannot do. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

“Powers that gifted you with your dream knows how to help you make it come true. (Breathnach)

Tuesday, September 10Setting Your Own Pace

“A lot of people – including your partner and children – might wonder aloud for years if you’re ever going to become sensible again.” (Breathnach)

“The bottom line is not how fast you make your dream come true, but how steadily you pursue it.” (Breathnach)

Wednesday, September 11A Psalm of Life

“Let us, then, be up and doing . . . With a heart for any fate . . . Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait. (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

Thursday, September 12Uncommon Women and Others

“One of the most wonderful truths you will discover on the path to authenticity is that your aspirations are your possibilities.(Breathnach)

Friday, September 13Thoughts on Success

“But Simple Abundance has taught me, as I know it will teach you, that authentic success is living by your own lights, not the glare of popping flashbulbs.  And they can’t take that away from us.” (Breathnach)

Saturday, September 14  – Giving Yourself Credit

Although it may crown you Queen for a Day, the world cannot confer the recognition that will make you feel fulfilled.” (Breathnach)

Sunday, September 15Authentic Success

“Authentic Success is knowing how simply abundant your life is exactly as it is today…. Being grateful for the many blessings bestowed on you and yours that you can share your portion with others.” (Breathnach)

I first read this book in the mid-1990s.  Back then, I failed to recognize, accept and embrace the concept.  It was just a “popular read”  within my “circle of friends.”  Eighteen years later, after a “re-read.” I FINALLY GOT IT!!!!



Even though readily accessible, I did not fulfill the following Wishes last week:

Wish #2 – Exercise in the Pool

I can walk out the rear patio door of our house to Exercise in the Pool; but I failed to make it a priority.  So, I have no excuse other than “poor time management.”


Wish #3 – Learn About My New Digital Camera

Opened the box, took a quick look; and I immediately put it back in the box.  No excuse, other than the instructions seemed a “bit intimidating.”  


Wish #4 – Prepare Healthy Meal from a Recipe

I prepared healthy meals everyday  – lunch and dinner – but not from a recipe; and, Hubby prepared the healthy breakfast (bran cereal, almond milk, fruit, and decaf coffee)  The resources at my fingertips – a wide range of healthy recipes on the Internet as well as my own extensive collection of healthy nutrition cookbooks.   Again, I failed to plan.


So, my Wishes for Week #5 are to fulfill my three Wishes from last week.


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