Grateful for Overcoming A Fear


I overcame a long-held fear of going into the deep end of a pool last week.  This fear dates back to my high school days where I almost failed the required swimming class due to being unable to float or swim in the deep end of the pool.  I am not sure how or why it happened, but I passed the class without venturing into deep water.


Last week, due to exacerbated knee pain, I knew it was no longer possible for me to continue walking outside everyday for sixty minutes as part of a 70 Day Fitness Challenge.

I decided to join this challenge after noticing two friends on Facebook, who I had not been in contact with for more than 20 years, that were participating.  As a participant in this challenge: daily, I share on Facebook my Fitbit results:

  • steps, number walked;
  • exercises, other than walking;
  • calories burned;
  • calories eaten;
  • water. number of ounces; and
  • sleep, number of hours.

Twelve days into the program, having met my goal of 8,000 steps a day, I didn’t want to let go of my greatest motivator — number of steps walked.  These steps were continuously recorded on my Fitbit watch; and, I had developed an addiction to looking at my wrist, throughout the day, to track them.

I entered the challenge to strengthen my lower extremities and improve my balance.  If painful knees would prohibit me from accomplishing this, I considered dropping out..

When a fellow challenger heard that I might drop out, she messaged instructions on converting the calories burned in my water aerobic exercises to steps.  I saw a problem with this, when she added, “to gain the best results and, at the same time, protect your knees you should exercise in the deep end of the pool.”

A strong desire to continue meeting my goal of 8,000 steps as well as encouragement from fellow challengers, I overcame the fear of going into the deep end of the pool.

And, this is what I posted to Facebook on Day 13 of the Challenge:

“Began the day with my early morning meditation followed by a 20 minute mindfulness walk through the neighborhood. Of course, I paused to rest and take a couple of photos.

In the afternoon, I stepped outside of my comfort zone, donned a waist floater, and ventured to the deep end of the pool for water aerobics. To allay the fear of my feet not landing on a solid surface, I went to ITunes music and selected one of my favorite R&B albums. For 56 minutes and 17 songs, I shimmied, swayed, jumped, floated, walked, and jogged to the soulful music of Mr. Marvin Gaye. I was in throwback mode enjoying the memories of times spent dancing without effort, to R&B music. Today, in deep water, I moved effortlessly for an entire 56 minutes, pain-free.”

I write this post to express my:

  • thankfulness to the two friends who inspired and encouraged me to participate and, later, stick with this challenge;
  • gratefulness for overcoming the fear of entering the deep end of the pool.

Who knows, maybe I will take swimming lessons next.



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