My Blogging Break: Part One Granddaughters’ Visit


Other than a few photo challenges and several Writers’ Quote Wednesday 2015 posts, I was on a Blogging Break during April and May.  Sometimes, stepping away from that which we enjoy opens our space up to receive even greater joy and happiness.

This is exactly what happened with me during April and May when gifted with the opportunity to spend quality time with my visiting granddaughters as well as a cousin that I had not seen for more than eight years.

I needed a series of three posts to record most of what happened during this blogging break.

Part 1:  Granddaughters Visit

Lady C, 23-years-old, and Cupcake, 6-years-old, visited us during their spring break, in April.  It was a busy week filled with planned and unplanned activities.

We started off with a day at Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom where Hubby and I both agreed that walking around in this huge theme park was not an option.  We rented scooters.

photo 1


Even with scooters it was difficult to keep up with the granddaughters as we moved from attraction to attraction maneuvering our way through huge crowds.



SeasonedSistah2 – Waiting in Line to Get on Tea Cup Ride

Lady C has visited Magic Kingdom, almost yearly, since she was 3-years-old.  This was only the fourth visit for Cupcake; and, she still gets over stimulated when she enters Disney’s  world of fantasy.



photo 5

Cupcake and Lady C

Our second outing was to the Wet N’ Wild Water Park.  Walking or scooting through the water park observing our precious granddaughters climb up to high towers and plunge down into a body of water, was more stress than Hubby and I could handle.  We chose to relax in a rented Cabana.

photo 5

Hubby Relaxing

As the Florida heat rose, we sought relief and closed off the cabana to the hot sun rays but left the back panels open for a nice breeze.  It made for a serene and relaxing day.

photo 3

Throughout the day, the granddaughters returned to the cabana to raid the small refrigerator we had filled up with our own special snacks and drinks.

photo 4

Lady C and Cupcake

After a full-day at the water park, we were all exhausted.  The next day was a relaxation day at home with a quick trip to the nail shop for a mani/pedi.


Lady C

photo 2

Cupcake, always the creative one, chose to have every nail and toe painted a different color; and, Lady C went for a very subtle apple green color.

The granddaughters and I, on our last outing spent a quiet Sunday afternoon painting at a local pottery gallery.

Lady C and I painted vases.


Lady C

There were an unbelievable number of pottery pieces and it took Cupcake a while to decide.  But, she finally picked one of her favorite pets — a cat — like the one at her Grandma Cebby’s house.



Here’s a look at our masterpieces.


Lady C’s Two Color Vase; SeasonedSistah2s Single Color Vase; and, Cupcake’s Cat

I am grateful that this blog opened my space up to record my life experiences.  For, if my memory fades and/or when I leave this world there is a record of those things that brought both happiness and sadness into my space.

Finally, our children and grandchildren live thousands of miles away; and, I am especially blessed in their presence.

(Part 2 and 3 of This Series Coming Soon)


27 thoughts on “My Blogging Break: Part One Granddaughters’ Visit

    • Yes, we all had a wonderful time. In fact, my eldest granddaughter so enjoyed herself that she plans to come down every four months for a long weekend. We are working on a project and I will share it in Part 2 of my Blogging Break Post. I missed you and will take time this week to catch up on reading the posts that I missed.

      Liked by 1 person

      • So nice your granddaughter wants to visit you that frequently!

        I look forward to you catching up. It is always so much fun when people do that! :)


      • Hubby’s surgery apparently promoted not only my granddaughter to visit more frequently; but, our three children now say that one of them will visit every four months. In addition to their regular spring and Christmas visits. I think the role-reveral is beginning. Hugs.

        Liked by 1 person

      • He is getting stronger everyday. Youngest daughter and her family down for a long weekend so son-in-law took Hubby to the doctor today to have the stitches removed. For the first time in more weeks than I can count, I found time to just be still. It feels wonderful.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’m so glad that he is getting stronger every day and that you are now able to have some time for yourself. I hope that continues.


    • Do you recall the battery commercial, it went something like this “keeps going, going and going” That’s our Cupcake, but she brings a lot of laughter and joy into this SeasonedSistah’s life. But, I am so happy Chelsea was here to help out. NanNan can’t do what she used to do. (smile)


    • Thank you. Separated by thousands of miles, I only see the grandchildren three to four times per year but blogging and taking photos of our times together allows me to visit throughout the year. Also, they will remain for the grandchildren as well as generations to come.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I soon found out the only way I was going to survive the teacups was to close my eyes and breathe deeply. Cupcake kept saying, “Open your eyes NanNan you’re missing everything.” When I stumbled off, I knew this would be my last ride at Disney. Everything must come to an end. Thank you for your comments.


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