Weekly Photo Challenge – May 22, 2015



photo 4

I painted this Santa Claus pecan resin figurine more than twenty years ago.  During the Xmas holiday seasons, my eldest daughter displays the figurines that I painted those many years ago.  And, every year, she carefully packs them away.

In fact, I took this photo when I stayed in her home this past Thanksgiving.

Several days ago, I was showing photos of my Santa paintings to a friend.  And, for the first time I noticed the missing head on the little girl.

I checked with my daughter who did not realize it had broken.  She said,

“Things that we cherish break, but I choose to keep the broken as a cherished memory.”

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – May 22, 2015

    • She probably cherishes the figurines I panted more than I do. She has had them in her possession for more than ten years. When I asked her to send them down to Florida so that the entire family can enjoy for the holidays. She reminds me that the others have little interest an we all get to share them in her home for Thanksgiving. Pam really loves decorating her home every year with these figurines.


  1. I remember seeing your beautiful statues in another post. Such a treasure they are. I still have some of my mother’s Hummels. One of them is an angel with a broken wing!


    • In addition to these African-American figurines, now in the care of my eldest daughter; I also have a collection of Lenox figurines which I plan to write a post about. I plan to have the entire collection shipped from our home in Wisconsin to enjoy for the holidays. There is value in reconnecting with our cherished treasures. Though, I nerved was gifted or purchased a Hummel, I did admire them when I visited various fine china departments in some of the major stores. Take care and now back to catching up on what I missed in blogosphere. Hugs.

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      • My mother got her Hummels when we lived in Germany. My father was in the army and we were stationed there.

        I look forward to reading your post about the Lenox figurines!


      • All of them were gifted by either children or hubby over a 26-year-period. Recording information on the giver and the occasion is something I think my children and grandchildren will appreciate.

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  2. It definitely is a beautifully painted figurine! I think its even more amazing that you still have something so precious of over 20 years old. Mom still has the same Christmas decorations that we have used for years. It makes decorating the home and tree so much more special when we are together.


    • I enjoyed decorating with them in our home for many years until we begin celebrating Xmas and Xmas Eve at our eldest daughters home. Though, now retired and living in Florida, the children and grandchildren spend Xmas with us. Our daughter became so attached to the figurines we allowed her to keep them, but I am able to enjoy them every Thanksgiving when we come together at her home. Family traditions makes celebrating the holidays even happier.

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