13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – May 15, 2015

    • My computer is acting as if it is on speed dial today. I didn’t get a chance to edit my comment before it took off into cyberspace. I meant to say that the flower is beautiful and is also an interesting way to portray the quality of “enveloped”!


      • Thank you, Karuna. I appreciate your comments. As a photography newbie, I sometimes feel intimidated by all the beautiful photos in some of these challenges. But, I love taking nature photos; and, my confidence is growing as I take more and more photos.

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      • I’m so new too. When I see blogs such as Cindy Knoke’s I am amazed at what is possible for the professional photographers (I’m assuming she is a pro). But I think the phone cameras come up with some amazing shots too.


      • I just ran across some tips that popped up on my IPhone about taking photos. My phone is always readily accessible when I am out and about. I only take my camera for a planned photo-taking outing.

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      • I know there is so much I can do with my new camera but haven’t had any time to explore it at all. Amma’s programs here start today. After they are finished I hope to explore the apps on the phone. But for now, time with Amma is priority!


    • Thank you. I am a photography newbie who loves taking nature photos. I hope that the more photos taken along with on-line photo courses and books on photography will improve my skills. I appreciate your comments.


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