Weekly Wishes #6

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Unfulfilled Wishes from Week #3, #4 and #5

Whoopee!!!!  Hooray!!!! Finally, I fulfilled two of the three remaining Wishes from Weeks #3, #4 and #5:

 On Saturday, I Exercised in the Pool for 45 minutes for the first time; since, I quit the Aqua Zumba class at the YMCA in August to go on vacation.   Wish Aqua Zumba was offered year-round; I will miss going to my “pool party” every Saturday morning.  I loved everything about this class.  Especially, the “salsa/hip hop music;” “low impact aquatic workout;” and, I had the “greatest time” with an “energetic and enthusiastic” group of women.  Since the pool will soon close at the YMCA, I will have to exercise “solo” in our pool at home.  Unless, I can get Hubby to join me.

Grateful for Exercising in the Pool and until the cold days arrive in Florida; I plan to merge water aerobics into my overall exercise program.

I Prepared a Healthy Meal from a Recipe, Fried Corn Zucchini Medley

Thanks to Grandma Loy’s Kitchen for sharing this quick and easy recipe on her blog.  I wanted a vegetarian dish as a side to grilled, skinless chicken breast; so, I omitted the bacon topping as she suggested.


Photo Taken on My IPAD

I urge you to visit Grandma Loy’s Kitchen for her recipe as well as a beautiful photo presentation of the dish posted on August 30, 2013.   I know you will not be disappointed.  Grandma Loy has collected recipes for over 50 years; and, I am so happy to have access to her Holiday Cookie Mix recipes when the Grands come for Christmas.

Sadly, I failed to fulfill my Wish to Learn About My New Digital Camera.  But, I did overcome my anxiety about digital camera technology.  At the beginning of last week, I removed the camera from its packaging, read the directions, and charged the battery.  Then realized, I should have purchased a “memory card.”   So, I placed an on-line order, which arrived on Friday.  I will revisit this project next week.

Fulfilled Wishes from Week #5

I did fulfill my two new Wishes for Week #5 to make blog connections with caregivers and survivors of Breast Cancer and Chronic Pain.  I toured Blogosphere and subscribed and/or joined:

  • 12 Chronic Pain Blogs
  • 34 Breast Cancer Blogs

My stay at each blog site was very brief; given the thirty-four that I located and visited over a seven-day period.  But in the coming months, I plan longer visits to each blog.

As a survivor of both Breast Cancer and Chronic Pain, I am excited about connecting with other survivors with the Wish of sharing and learning about the personal experiences, opinions, attitudes, and/or sentiments of survivors, families, and/or caregivers.

My Wishes for Week #6

  • Prepare a Healthy Dessert
  • Review YouTube Videos on Canon Digital Cameras
  • Calendar of Activities:  Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Post Breast Cancer:  A Grateful Survivor – Part 1
  • Visit and Comment on Eight Breast Cancer Blogs
  • In Support of Sisters Network-Milwaukee Chapter:  Display Pink Wreath on Front Door



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